Skillet Crack Chicken Keto Thighs


Crack chicken keto thighs made on the stove top in a skillet. Featuring a creamed ranch sauce and topped with melted cheddar cheese.


  1. Posted by katieh02, — Reply

    This is seriously the best chicken recipe! My husband liked it so much he made me make it two days in a row lol. I doubled the recipe and used boneless skinless chicken thighs. I put my serving over cauliflower rice.

  2. Posted by sabsteroonsky, — Reply

    This was so good and easy! I regretfully used the whole ranch seasoning packet, because there was only a little left and I hate to waste, which made the flavor so strong/too salty. We still ate it. Mixed with everything else it was fine but my advise would be to use the recommended amount.

  3. Posted by AvaEllaDavinJax, — Reply

    This was really good! I doubled the recipe using boneless skinless thighs, and used green onion dip mix cuz i did not have ranch. I whisked the sauce really good after adding the cream cheese and had no problems with curdling. The sauce thickened nicely because I did not cover the pan while the thighs finished cooking.

  4. Posted by Rtmgirl8, — Reply

    How long does it take to reduce? I feel like my sauce won’t go down haha but otherwise it’s coming out great!

  5. Posted by margie2112, — Reply

    My husband said " I think this is the best chicken you've ever made!" The kids loved it too!

  6. Posted by eirenaelizabeth, — Reply

    Use a whisk to combine the broth and cream cheese! It worked like a charm! SO DELICIOUS!

  7. Posted by chelsey587, — Reply

    Super easy and really good! We will make it again for sure!

  8. Posted by crstnagg, — Reply

    How long do you put it in the broiler for?

  9. Posted by stephnichole87, — Reply

    This was so good! I’ll definitely be making again!

  10. Posted by kristyrene94, — Reply


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