Everything in my phone's Imgur folder. (A bit of a dump)


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  1. Posted by kai_wilson_, — Reply

    I deadass thought this was a hairy little troll that died and the headline would’ve been ‘strange creature found in barn!’

  2. Posted by post4direne, — Reply

    They say it is rare, but they sometimes do lay down to sleep. Not sure if they actually lay like THIS tho.

  3. Posted by ngt09, — Reply

    And so do their food apparently... see the mouse

  4. Posted by CrystalLily0267, — Reply

    I thought it was a stuffed animal that got ripped apart by a toddler then I read the text 😅

  5. Posted by dragonfly9592, — Reply

    Are we...are we pOSTIVE he’s just sleeping? 😳

  6. Posted by shadowwolfark, — Reply

    Or it like they just got in the door and the beer hit and they hit the floor and said good night

  7. Posted by alexsnow315, — Reply

    I thought this was a small child in like fluffly pajamas at first 😂

  8. Posted by whatsgoody234, — Reply

    Yo for five seconds I thought that was a dead chicken lol 😂

  9. Posted by Quackson357, — Reply

    There is a dead mouse in the corner of that picture!!! Poor mousie

  10. Posted by amberrrrjayyyy, — Reply

    What kind of owl-cat hybrid is this?! Look at homeboy’s feet!

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