All these doodles


Vampire getting a big crush makes a big problem.


  1. Posted by GAWolfcatlover, — Reply

    Who are these characters. I've never seen them before. I think they're really cute!

  2. Posted by morganclarke589, — Reply

    “What are these feelings I’m having, yo?”

  3. Posted by makaylaannsheffield, — Reply

    It's funny because in the comic, his love interest is a guy lmao. The comic is called blackwater, on tumblr btw

  4. Posted by animeisetic, — Reply

    Can y’all or whoever viewing this check out my anime art account on Instagram called animeisetic please

  5. Posted by Kinkyrainbows, — Reply

    So adorable!!! Uwu

  6. Posted by ShippinSamantha, — Reply

    What is this and why does my singleass keep making me look at cute couple stuff?

  7. Posted by dany7481, — Reply

    Cmon, homeboy gotta get his shit together and ask her out :)

  8. Posted by amarylliscastle, — Reply

    When two goths like each other very much

  9. Posted by sendhannahallen, — Reply

    Hey did anyone notice that the vampire looks like John ralphio from parks and rec?

  10. Posted by avagoose128, — Reply

    the first one looks like me when im reading... not bc im mad, just bc thats what my face looks like.

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