42 Funny Pics and Memes to Click Away Your Boredom With


A fine selection of funny memes and pics to help you through the day.


  1. Posted by yveyumira, — Reply

    Jesus Saves! Jesus died on a cross for your sins! So you can have eternal life in Heaven! Repent!!! And Accept him as your Lord and savior 4 ✝️☦

  2. Posted by bkornegay0284, — Reply

    Oh man...... imagine that pullin up at yo block with a flippin switch blade with a rolls royce and 23 body gaurds.

  3. Posted by poplove22229, — Reply

    So I have to make a math video for school and I need a slide and so this will be one of the transition

  4. Posted by charlottevaloiss, — Reply

    Give a kiss to your left hand. 2. Say the name of your crush 3. Close your hand 4. Say the name of any week day 5. Say your name 6. Open your hand 7. Copy this same comment an comment it on 15 posts. The week day you chose will be the day they kiss you, ask you out, say the like you, or hug you. If you do not follow the last rule, you will have bad luck beginning in exactly 1 hour. Enjoy.

  5. Posted by antoniajagger, — Reply

    aquí el brayan educando a su hijo

  6. Posted by UrarakaOchakito04, — Reply

    Kevin, calma a tu perro por favor!

  7. Posted by Desert_Quill, — Reply

    I searched aesthetic and found this-

  8. Posted by roserosrcrs, — Reply

    PRETTY 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  9. Posted by bearrua, — Reply

    ah yes, aesthetic wallpaper.

  10. Posted by UnathiHufflepuffie, — Reply

    ok but seriously what if he throws the knife at u by accident and u die

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