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33 Hilarious Funny Images ADVERTISEMENT I must have died a thousand times. Sitting here, living life. So much more. They are. Crocs are the scariest thing ever, yes. At least it’s cake. Never going to happen. Oh my innocence. ONE JOB. You had one job. Also one job. Delicious! You got a broken kitty. Hmm.. …


  1. Posted by roxiemlmp, — Reply

    You can't read that without hearing both voices

  2. Posted by mohd9030, — Reply

    I was just playing super Mario when I saw this coincidence! I think YESSSS!

  3. Posted by maraaesthetic, — Reply

    me when i try to be dramatic

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  6. Posted by ruthwamugo, — Reply

    I read both in a different voice and it was worth it

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