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24 More Silly and Hilarious Memes They’re advanced. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT There it is. But… ADVERTISEMENT How dare you! Um… ADVERTISEMENT Sucked in! Just a break. ADVERTISEMENT All better. Yes. ADVERTISEMENT Oops! He got you! ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT Okay… Yay… ADVERTISEMENT Seriously.The horror. ADVERTISEMENT I win. Oh he won. ADVERTISEMENT Bad pun. A horrible nightmare. ADVERTISEMENT So. …


  1. Posted by erlshiflett3407, — Reply

    I made eye contact with a worker right when I popped the grape in my mouth. He walked straight towards me and said,"it's ok. I don't care if u eat one of the grapes" I was so relieved. 😏

  2. Posted by evens2000, — Reply

    (Hate to be that person). Hey lovey’s🌸I’ve been working really hard on my account and I would really love if you could follow me! ❤️ I’ll follow you right back🌻 Thanks 😊

  3. Posted by hannahanstey613, — Reply

    I dont like grapes judge me if u want I dont care. But when I was like 6 me and my mom were in the store and there was a bag of raw broccoli open and I took one and just kept taking bites until this little girl kept staring at me and I just set it down in the freezer and walked away

  4. Posted by kaylynnm2005, — Reply

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  5. Posted by WtF_iS_GiOn_On, — Reply

    So I call my sis and mom grapeist Becuz they only like green grapes and someone heard me this was my face

  6. Posted by srockwell1112, — Reply

    it look like the dog ate more than 1 grape

  7. Posted by thrawn1087, — Reply

    Spit out and move the grapes around they’ll never find it and run like hell

  8. Posted by laurenbaza, — Reply

    Funny meme 😂 Lol. But poor little guy was stung by a bee. 🤪

  9. Posted by Killua_bby, — Reply

    Why was I laughing at this for 5 straight minutes-

  10. Posted by XxadelinexX0017, — Reply

    Did anyone else do that when they were a kid??

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